Yourway Transport Announces Depot Expansion into Eastern Europe


Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA -  Yourway Transport, Inc. today announced the expansion of its depot network with two new depot locations in Moscow, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine. In addition to the depot services, the operation boasts a new proprietary software platform, iCTM, which will link all transactions at all BioPharma Services facilities and provide complete real-time visibility to customers.  

"This expansion is yet another step in our commitment to provide our customers the services they need to successfully execute their global clinical supply strategies.  We will continue to expand our depot network globally and are excited to make further announcements regarding our facilities over the next two months as we finalize implementation of our network's strategy" explains Gulam Jaffer, Yourway Transport Owner and President.

The Yourway Transport BioPharma Services division will continue depot openings in all regions throughout the 1st Quarter of 2013. Services offered by Yourway Transport depots will include controlled room temperature (CRT), refrigeratedand frozen storage, clinical site distribution, GMP labeling services, returns and destruction processing, lab kit assembly, delivery, and reverse logistics, as well as comparator sourcing, importer of record, supply chain project management and logistics support.

The facilities will leverage the premium courier expertise of the Yourway Transport parent company to ensure superior customer-to-site logistics service, enabling customers a one stop shop for all of their clinical supply chain needs. It also ensures the continued focus on superior, personalized customer service, which has been a hallmark of Yourway Transport for the past 15 years.


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About Yourway Transport -

Founded in 1997, Yourway Transport sets the standard for quickness, dependability, and personalized service within the global pharmaceutical logistics industry.  Our expertise includes ambient and cold chain premium courier services, consultation on global transport requirements, customs clearance, sourcing and provision of shipping supplies and logistical project management.  

As part of the BioPharma Services division, Yourway Transport also provides a network of strategically positioned depots in Latin America, Eastern Europe, India, South Africa, Australia, and Asia.  The depot network is supported via a proprietary inventory management system that provides customers immediate visibility to all transactions related to their products and studies.  In addition, Yourway Transport BioPharma Services offers support in clinical supply chain management, vendor system integration, central laboratory logistics, and ancillary supply procurement and support.